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Support for AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC are coming soon. We offer practice exams for 16 AP subjects below:

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Comparative Governments
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C: E&M
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Psychology
AP United States Government
AP United States History
AP World History

What do we offer that is different from Khan Academy?


Your own lecture notes taker


Unlimited full-length exams


Unlimited practice questions built by AI


Your own AI tutor to ask any question

We are not trying to replace Khan Academy. While Khan Academy is useful, Khan Academy would not have enough practice questions for the sheer amount of preparation and practice that would be required to perform well on AP exams. We want to provide a simple, no-frills platform for students to solidly practice concepts and solve problems that they would find on AP exams under exam-like conditions.

We also want to make it easier for students to ask questions and learn from their mistakes. We have detailed explanations for each question, but students can ask further clarification questions as they need. Furthermore, we provide essay-style questions, that cannot be autograded without the use of AI, which we do not believe is currently offered by the Khan Academy.


Practice anytime, from anywhere in the world, as much as you need.

Just PrepStar AI, paper, pencil, maybe a calculator, and that's all you need.


Practice exams are the fastest way to raise your exam scores.

Deepen your knowledge and improve your test-taking skills concurrently. Know the exam format, inside-out, and exactly what to expect on exam day.

Why do practice exams?

  • Fill in any knowledge gaps
  • AP Exams are fast-paced, tricky and require extensive practice. Practice exams that reflect AP-exam problem distribution and difficulty will help you discover where to focus studying. Our answers with explanations will help you identify how to approach problems that you've missed.
  • Get your speed up
  • For each multiple-choice problem, you average only 60 to 90 seconds depending on the exam. Such a speed requires solid preparation with practice. FRQs require fast reasoning and writing skills, especially since they require you to answer in deep detail for maximum credit.
  • Benchmark your progress
  • See your improvements over time as you get better at thinking about and cracking problems. Our AI will generate not just the question and answer, but also explanations to help you understand why a question is answered a certain way. AP exams are not easy, but seeing your improvements is a motivating feeling.
  • Develop your exam strategy
  • Our exams are generated to ensure an even spread of topics that reflects actual AP exams. Through practice, you can pick and choose which questions to tackle first to maximize number of questions answered.
  • Doing well on AP exams will save you a lot of money and time
  • 3 or 4 AP exams may yield you enough college credit to finish university a semester early. This can be anywhere between a few thousand dollars at a state school, or $30-40,000 as an out of state or at a private university in tuition, fees, and accomodation costs. If not a semester early, they give you more time to focus on fewer courses, giving your schedule flexibility and help you graduate on time.
A few percent higher on an AP exam is a point higher out of 5. On many AP subjects, a 5 is not scoring near-perfect, but only around 60-70%. The difference between a 3 and a 5 might only be a 15-20% difference. However, getting a few percent improvement will take plenty studying since AP exams have so much content. Practice exams help you improve faster than any other strategy. They help you focus where to study and how to tackle problems faithful to AP exam standards.

Don't just study more, study smarter!

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An unique exam every time you practice

Each exam is generated at around test-time, therefore you will never run out of novel questions to prepare on. You won't need an expensive tutor to write you exams and guide you through anymore.

sample correction on exam

Each question is detailed and helps you identify skill gaps

We use state-of-the-art text-generation models to generate questions, answers, and an explanation to each answer. We calibrate the difficulty around or slightly more difficult than the actual AP exam to make sure you are well-prepared.


Versatile practice platform for anybody

Whether you have three days or many months to practice before your exam, it is there for you. You also have access to our AP practice exams regardless of whether you are enrolled in the corresponding AP class at your high school, or not.

Your AP Exam Prep, supercharged with AI.

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